Safety – The way we do things

Safety is a fundamental aspect of our workplace culture. It’s integrated into every facet of our business and way of doing things.

We maintain a rigorous WHS (Workplace Health and Safety) policy which is regularly revised and strictly adhered to. We regularly conduct workplace inspections, hazard reports, new employee safety at work inductions and provide protective equipment and work gear.Regular consultation between management and staff ensures everyone is on the same page in regards to WHS.

Strong leadership and commitment from our management team guarantees high safety performance in all aspects of our operations. Our safety culture contributes greatly to our overall performance and efficiency by eliminating injuries and downtime resulting from accidents.

Having a strong safety culture contributes to maintaining a positive working environment and making Elite Roads an employer of choice. It reflects our commitment to our people and their wellbeing, encouraging open communication and their involvement and participation.

Leading by example

Leadership is vital to promoting safety. Our leaders place very high performance on working safely. Our employees understand what is expected from them and are highly motivated to follow all safety procedures and raise safety issues.

Leaders who set the example by showing their commitment to WHS, as well as encouraging and valuing employee involvement, create organisations that are not only safe, but are also more likely to be innovative and productive. Safety skills and training are an important part of our career development program and are vital to anyone wanting to work at Elite Roads